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    There are some miscellaneous projects I have work on in my undergraduate, including undergraduate thesis, course projects, etc.



 Fractals by Iterative Function System

 Image Fractal Coding for Lena

    Fractals and Image Fractal Coding is an matlab implementaion of iterative function system and image fractal coding as part of my undergraduate thesis.
5 Iterations
 20 Iterations 40 Iterations (Converged)
    Particles is an C++ implementation of the particle swarm optimization with a simple UI by OpenGL.





See the Videos for More Details 


Demo 1,   Demo 2

    Paint Selection is a simplified C++ implementaion of interactive image editting in SIGGRAPH 2009 with the same name. The programm uses MFC as the GUI.

    Smart Door is a part of the video surveillance system by C++. By a web camera, the programm could automatically detect the state of the door(OPEN /CLOSE /OPENING /CLOSING) and people who enters/exits the door.